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  • Dragon & Tiger
    Dragon & Tiger is a game that bets who has the higher points of card. Players will place their bets at their choices from "Dragon" or "Tiger" or "Tie". There are only number of points, K is the highest point & A is the lowest point.
  • Sic Bo
    Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game which is very popular in Asia. This game is played with 3 dice which are all kept inside a dome. The dice will be shaken by the croupier after all bets have been accepted. A player has to do is to predict the outcome of game, it is very enjoyable.
  • Baccarat
    Baccarat Series, 3D Baccarat, Multicolored Baccarat, Mobile Phone Baccarat, Five Distinguished Baccarat, giving you the best gaming experience, innovative development of product line-up.
  • Mahjong
    Mahjong is betting game push the cheese, using traditional Chinese game mahjong cheese brand in a single color (a tube to nine cylinder, four cards of each suit, a total of 36 cards), plus white four cards totaling 40 cards.
  • Sedie
    Sedie began in 1909, it is a popular game in Vietnam. Each round of game 4 disks are rolled, each disk has two faces, one in white color, another black. Number of black face that is uppermost when the disk come to rest provide the outcome of the game.
  • Blackjack
    Blackjack is a card game in which the players try to get hand card points that is higher than the dealer but less than or equal to 21. Blackjack is a comparing card game between a Player and Dealer.
Dragon & Tiger
Sic Bo

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